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Awareful enables mental health service providers to offer better care through data and Artificial Intelligence.

Become Awareful
Become Awareful

Advantages of becoming Awareful

Access better information to provide better care
Receive notification on early changes in client cognition, behaviour and emotional state
Learn insights that people can not self-report such as technology use, sleep pattern, mobility profile and more
Smart energy level, mood and habit detection

How It Works

Mental wellbeing is closely linked to our behaviour, environment and cognition. Awareful leverages cutting edge research in passive sensing and AI to model user mental health drivers from smartphone sensory data streams. To leverage technology in your practice, all you have to do is:

We care deeply about user privacy.
We will never sell or share your data for profit

The World needs to use
Users can opt in to share data with independent mental wellbeing research institutions.

About us

The Awareful mission is to improve human mental and emotional wellbeing through community, caring and AI.

We are a behavioural science company. A mental and emotional wellbeing company. We build the future we want to live in. We care deeply about the health of our social fabric.